A passion for travel and adventure inspired my photography and now my writing. My blog and photos allow me to share the places I have visited, the experiences I have had and the people I have met.

Travelling opens one's mind to new cultures. You meet people who enrich your life and you learn new things everyday.

Whilst I love travel, I equally love the outdoors. I love hiking and have been on a number of climbing and mountaineering trips as well as other active adventures.

I always wanted to travel but honestly thought it was out of my reach. While I'd love to travel all year, work prevents that. Reading about new destinations or adventures is alway inspirational for me. It can be as exciting as travelling there yourself.

I hope to share my experiences to inspire your travels. I'd love to hear from anyone with similar or different experiences of some of the destinations I have travelled to. If you like any of my posts, please share them!

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I have had images published on the BBC News website, as well as a leading travel magazine. My images are also available through Alamy.com and at the logo link below. You can contact me for more information on any of my images or blog posts at info@jordangould.com

Stock photography by Jordan Gould at Alamy